Art Workshops

Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops , Emma Lake, Saskatchewan:

2003 Karen Wilkin, Clay Ellis
1994 Janet Fish, Victor Cycansky
1991 Kenneth Noland, Nancy Tousley, Terry Fenton
1990 Mali Morris, Robert Kudielka, Dorothy Knowles, Willard Boepple
1989 Joseph Masheck, Sandra Paikowsky, Patterson Ewan
1988 Joseph Drapell, Douglas Haynes, Harold Feist, William Perehudoff
1987 Tim Hilton, Terry Atkinson
1984 Valentin Tatransky, Tim Scott
1983 Charles Millard, Larry Zox
1982 Stanley Boxer, James Wolf
1981 Darby Bannard, John Maclean
1980 Kenneth Moffet, Darrly Hughto
1979 Friedal Dzubas, John Elderfield


Other Workshops

1993 Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Reframing the Landscape:
The Columbia Icefield Expedition
1989,90,91,93 Leighton Foundation Visiting Artists Program, Alberta
1988 Symposium of Art at Baie St. Paul, Quebec, guest: Lauriet Marois
1986 Triangle Workshop, Pine Plains, New York, guests: Michael Fried,


Recent Art News

Catherine Perehudoff Fowler 2017 Autumn Reflections acrylic canvas  30x40  in

Group show Gevik Gallery, Toronto ON. June 17 - July 8  - Link


Review of solo exhibit at Artifact Gallery, April 2017, Halasz, Piri. Three with Brio, May 13, 2016, From the Mayor's Doorstep  - Link
ideo of the Opening - Facebook Link
atalogue Images - Link

Upcoming Events

Spectrum Miami, Miami, Florida, Art UpCLOSE, December 6th - 9th 2017 - Link

Recent Artwork

  • New for 2017
    New for 2017 Seaside Roses (24" x 30")   Someone once told me that roses do not grow along…
  • 2015
    2015 Wild Waves of the Atlantic (48" x 48")  This recent artwork was painted in my…
  • 2012
    2012 Fields In July Near Batoche    watercolor on paper 40 x 60 in. This watercolour is…
  • June 2011
    June 2011 An element of the Eastern seaboard that has inspired me over the years is the…

Collector Invitation

For archival purposes and future public exhibitions the artist would like to invite collectors of her work, if they are interested, to share their names, the title, medium, year of the painting they own and contact information with her in order to facilitate potential curatorial research. Due to the closing of many commercial galleries previously exhibiting her work information pertaining to the location of earlier paintings has been lost. This information would be kept confidential in the artist’s records unless there was a request for a specific art work to be included in a public exhibition at which time the collector would be contacted for permission.