I held a paintbrush as soon as I could hold a spoon. My parents, abstract painter William Perehudoff, and landscape painter Dorothy Knowles, created an interesting environment in which to grow up. My sisters and I were exposed to art and artists from our earliest days as our parents took us along to galleries, museums, and studios. My earliest outdoor painting experiences began with my mother. I also accompanied Reta Cowley, a Saskatchewan landscape painter, known for her unique, unconventional dry brush method of painting watercolours. I was also fascinated by the work of artist, Ernest Lindner, famous for his meticulous depictions of the deep forest and northern lakes. He had a cottage down the road from ours at Emma Lake, in northern Saskatchewan. On the same beach was the University of Saskatchewan property where the renowned Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops were held, attracting the cream of the art world from London and New York.

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Emma Lake, Saskatchewan

My workshop experiences were not limited to the ones at Emma Lake but also included participation in the Triangle Workshop in upstate New York, the Leighton Centre in the foothills of Alberta, and the Symposium of Young Artists in Baie St. Paul, Quebec. I also took part in an expedition of artists to the Columbia Icefields in Alberta organized by the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. The workshop leaders who offered me the most incite regarding my painting were all from New York, and included art critic Karen Wilkin, and artists Stanley Boxer, and Lawrence Poons. Attending these workshops not only enabled me to meet international artists and critics but also gave me access to unfamiliar and challenging landscape.

Watercolours are my medium of choice when working en plein air.  The freshness that my watercolour paintings convey comes from depicting the landscape in flux. When painting in nature, I strive to capture the moments of changing light, atmosphere, and weather. The knowledge and experience that I gain from painting on location is an important aspect of my artistic practice; I carry this with me to my studio where it reveals itself as the major driving force behind my work.

Upcoming Events

International Group Exhibit in Rome. “Landscape (Inside and All Around Me)”#2 ,Carlo D'Orta ArtStudio/Gallery in Rome
The gallery is located in the center, in Trieste district, an area characterized by the presence of embassies (e.g. of the Arab Republic), important ancient monuments (Catacombs of Priscilla, Mausoleum of Santa Costanza) and cultural institutions (German Academy of Villa Massimo).
The exhibition will be held from 20th January to 10th February 2022

Curator Adelinda Allegretti wrote: “The curatorial project entitled “Landscape (Inside and All Around Me)” began in 2014, with a first exhibition in Sigtuna, Sweden.
Several years later I selected the Carlo D'Orta ArtStudio/Gallery in Rome as a continuation of that experience. About the theme, here are the words in the catalogue of Sigtuna's exhibition: «The concept of this show was devised several years back for an exhibition space in Tivoli, near Rome but, as sometimes happens, logistic problems delayed the organization. When the opportunity arose for an exhibition in Sweden, I immediately realized that the concept that I had previously put aside was perfectly in line with the image of Northern Europe rooted in the collective unconscious. Its wide, uncontaminated spaces more or less intentionally conjure the idea of the right “emptiness” that is necessary to look inside oneself and discover the endless lands of our innermost self. Admiration and respect for the physical landscape is but a first, compulsory step towards an itinerary that starts from the outer in order to reach the inner space».

Recent Art News

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Solo exhibition, October 1-30th, 2019 at the Studio & Gallery of Adelinda Allegretti, Gualdo Tadino, Italy. Click image to view at full size.

Interview by Radio Tadino
Interview by trgmedia (Regional Television)

Recent Art News


International Group Exhibit in Assisi (San Francis' town) curated by Adelinda Allegretti. 2nd-19th December. Exhibition is part of the 17th Giornata del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Day) promoted by AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums).

Recent Artwork

Collector Invitation

For archival purposes and future public exhibitions the artist would like to invite collectors of her work, if they are interested, to share their names, the title, medium, year of the painting they own and contact information with her in order to facilitate potential curatorial research. Due to the closing of many commercial galleries previously exhibiting her work information pertaining to the location of earlier paintings has been lost. This information would be kept confidential in the artist’s records unless there was a request for a specific art work to be included in a public exhibition at which time the collector would be contacted for permission.