These days, combining scuba diving and painting has led me to many exotic locations where, after a morning of diving, I can set up under the shade of a tree and paint a seascape. Painting after scuba diving with its thrills and challenges is very calming and serene.

landscapeofthesea1 landscapeofthesea2

Harsh winters also were the motivation for some trips south. I learned the hard way that painting the ocean is quite different from painting a lake. One time in Mexico I had carefully laid out a beach mat on the sand, set out my tray of paints, and started to paint. Suddenly, without warning a rogue wave washed up much further on the shore completely immersing my paints and painting in water! I had barely enough time to lift up my bag with the passports.


Spending time each summer in Atlantic Canada, mainly on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, has provided me with the opportunity to paint the Eastern seaboard, something I have developed a passion for.

This has not been without its challenges. One summer we decided to explore Newfoundland. As I sat on some rocks by the shore and painted I gradually realized that not only was my view disappearing under a high tide but so was the rock I was sitting on.


White Point, Nova Scotia

novascotia1 novascotia2
caribbean1 The Caribbean, the South Pacific, and the Canadian Atlantic coast have very different personalities but all can change from idyllic to dramatic offering fascinating subject matter. The beauty and vistas of the sea and that of the prairie and wilderness areas of Western Canada feed the inspiration that informs my painting.


For archival purposes and future public exhibitions the artist would like to invite collectors of her work, if they are interested, to share their names, the title, medium, year of the painting they own and contact information with her in order to facilitate potential curatorial research. Due to the closing of many commercial galleries previously exhibiting her work information pertaining to the location of earlier paintings has been lost. This information would be kept confidential in the artist’s records unless there was a request for a specific art work to be included in a public exhibition at which time the collector would be contacted for permission.