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As an artist I find having my studio and residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to be culturally enriching. Saskatchewan, which is known for its natural beauty and expansive cultivated land, is also an artistic and intellectual center. There is an incredibly vital art community in Saskatoon, full of diversity and fascinating, talented artists. The University of Saskatchewan Art Department, the former Mendel Art Gallery, and the public and private art galleries in Saskatoon, enhance this prairie art world. Now Saskatoon looks forward to the opening of the new the Remai Modern Art Gallery of Saskatchewan. The university brings in new younger artists as many of the senior artists leave for warmer weather.

It is with great sadness that I witnessed the closing of the Kenderdine Campus at Emma Lake and hence the Emma Lake Artists’ Workshops. My childhood summers were spent at the family cabin while our parents, Dorothy Knowles and William Perehudoff attended the famous Emma Lake Artists’ workshop. I grew up observing the early workshops, such as ones with Kenneth Noland and Clement Greenburg and later participated as an adult. One only has to stay at Emma Lake a few days to understand why this wonderful place inspired so many artists. It also provided an opportunity for Canadian and international artists to share ideas in the studio, feed off of each others’ artwork and feel for a few short weeks that being an artist was the most important path to follow in the world.

I have travelled extensively, seeking out subject matter and painting en plein air. Painting outdoors alongside other artists such as friends and family members has not only been enjoyable but provided opportunities to discuss art, nature and learn from each other. My studio is where I take my sketches, photographs, and memories to paint and develop more extensive, detailed acrylic paintings or the larger sizes of my watercolor paintings.

The Maritimes, particularly Nova Scotia, the home of my husband Graham Fowler’s family provides timeless inspiration for my artwork and is a yearly destination for outdoor sketching. I have developed a passion for the ocean, the beaches, and the unique climate and environment of the Atlantic Provinces. Long walks along the beach while listening to the sounds of the waves are an important part of my summers and a stimulus for working in my studio as an artist.

I am constantly motivated to paint and make art. Pursuing a path as a landscape painter has provided me with a rich and interesting life. My connection to the landscape, which continues to challenge me with the creative aspects and formal elements of painting, facilitates my art practice in my studio.

Upcoming Events

International Group Exhibit in Rome. “Landscape (Inside and All Around Me)”#2 ,Carlo D'Orta ArtStudio/Gallery in Rome
The gallery is located in the center, in Trieste district, an area characterized by the presence of embassies (e.g. of the Arab Republic), important ancient monuments (Catacombs of Priscilla, Mausoleum of Santa Costanza) and cultural institutions (German Academy of Villa Massimo).
The exhibition will be held from 20th January to 10th February 2022

Curator Adelinda Allegretti wrote: “The curatorial project entitled “Landscape (Inside and All Around Me)” began in 2014, with a first exhibition in Sigtuna, Sweden.
Several years later I selected the Carlo D'Orta ArtStudio/Gallery in Rome as a continuation of that experience. About the theme, here are the words in the catalogue of Sigtuna's exhibition: «The concept of this show was devised several years back for an exhibition space in Tivoli, near Rome but, as sometimes happens, logistic problems delayed the organization. When the opportunity arose for an exhibition in Sweden, I immediately realized that the concept that I had previously put aside was perfectly in line with the image of Northern Europe rooted in the collective unconscious. Its wide, uncontaminated spaces more or less intentionally conjure the idea of the right “emptiness” that is necessary to look inside oneself and discover the endless lands of our innermost self. Admiration and respect for the physical landscape is but a first, compulsory step towards an itinerary that starts from the outer in order to reach the inner space».

Recent Art News

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Solo exhibition, October 1-30th, 2019 at the Studio & Gallery of Adelinda Allegretti, Gualdo Tadino, Italy. Click image to view at full size.

Interview by Radio Tadino
Interview by trgmedia (Regional Television)

Recent Art News


International Group Exhibit in Assisi (San Francis' town) curated by Adelinda Allegretti. 2nd-19th December. Exhibition is part of the 17th Giornata del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Day) promoted by AMACI - Associazione dei Musei d'Arte Contemporanea Italiani (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums).

Recent Artwork

Collector Invitation

For archival purposes and future public exhibitions the artist would like to invite collectors of her work, if they are interested, to share their names, the title, medium, year of the painting they own and contact information with her in order to facilitate potential curatorial research. Due to the closing of many commercial galleries previously exhibiting her work information pertaining to the location of earlier paintings has been lost. This information would be kept confidential in the artist’s records unless there was a request for a specific art work to be included in a public exhibition at which time the collector would be contacted for permission.