Fields In July Near Batoche    watercolor on paper 40 x 60 in.

This watercolour is of a view from a height of land facing west. Looking through the foreground flowers and grass one sees the canola fields also known as  prairie gold. In the distance is the riverbank of the South Saskatchewan. This area is near the national historic sight of Batoche where one of the famous battles of the Louis Riel Rebellion took place. In July this area of Saskatchewan is at its most beautiful with many vibrant colours of flax, canola, and wheat fields growing under the clear sunny skies.

DSC 2058

Morning Light at the Narrows  watercolor on paper 14 x 19

DSC 2059

Windy Morning at Waskesui  watercolor on paper 15.75 x 23.5 in.

DSC 2062 2

When the Wolves Were Howling watercolor on paper 12 x 16 in.

These watercolors were painted in May on location at the Narrows, in Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan. May is a wonderful month to be painting up north in Saskatchewan. The wildlife is abundant with bears, birds, elk, deer, and wolves because the crowds of people have not arrived. During one evening I was alone painting at the edge of the water, listening to the wolves howling and watching the intense vibrant colours of dusk transform the appearance of the forest, sky, and water

For archival purposes and future public exhibitions the artist would like to invite collectors of her work, if they are interested, to share their names, the title, medium, year of the painting they own and contact information with her in order to facilitate potential curatorial research. Due to the closing of many commercial galleries previously exhibiting her work information pertaining to the location of earlier paintings has been lost. This information would be kept confidential in the artist’s records unless there was a request for a specific art work to be included in a public exhibition at which time the collector would be contacted for permission.